Furat al Jamil

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.... always a phoenix ...

Because I have seen many wars and much violence, discrimination and abuse, my vision is to build life affirming compositions drawing from history and nature ingrained with life, rebirth, compassion and healing juxtaposing destruction and reconstruction to create works of hope in humanity and life. 

"Honey Pot" was shown at the Biennale di Venezia 2013 

at the Iraqi Pavilion.

Special Thanks 

(for the Honey Pot in alphabetical order)

Abdul Ridha Abdul Kerim Abu Mohamed

Dhia Jabar Al-Dulaimy

Hussein Munthir Jawad 

Jonathan Watkins

Naim Farhat Art Museum

Dr Nisrin Thenoon Saeed

Tamara Daghistani

Special Thanks 

(for the Iraqi Buddy Bear in alphabetical order)

Eva Herlitz

Georg Stollenwerk

Kani Alavi

Mansour Al Bakri

Honey Pot

The Honey Pot combines a static element in the form of an antique broken pot that reflects the destruction of the past and a kinetic element in the form of a suspended honeycomb frame that drips its content into the pot, which defines the possibility of healing and reconstruction of Iraq.



Iraqi Buddy Bear

Is part of the circle of 

United Buddy Bears.